Painted Wall

How to Make Your Painted Wall Dry Faster

Now that your walls are fully painted, all you need to do is wait for the paint to dry.

Even though this might seem like a pretty easy thing to do, well – let’s face it – most of us can get a little impatient waiting for the paint to dry and finally getting our normal lives back. And, of course, we just couldn’t wait to put our best decorations back on the wall and see how they would look like on our newly painted walls.

The thing is, the paint on your walls can take a long time to dry, especially if you have your entire house painted.

You are in luck if you had your walls painted in summer because the paint dries faster when it is warm. During winter, on the other hand, you should prepare yourself for a longer time of waiting. But the good news is that there are a few things you can do at home to speed up the drying process.

  • Keep in mind that heat can be your best friend if you want your walls to dry a lot quicker. Turning up the heat inside your home can help the paint to dry.
  • Using your blow dryer on your wall can help significantly. In doing this, though, be careful if the particular spot you are meaning to dry is on an elevated location; if you don’t have a solid and dependable platform to step on, it’s better to leave things be or simply adjust the temperature of your heater.
  • Making sure that your home is properly ventilated will make your walls dry fast as well. Merely opening your windows to let outside air in would ensure that there will be good air circulation inside your house.
  • Since you want more wind to facilitate the drying process, you can also turn on your electric fans to quicken the drying of your walls.