Painting Mistakes

Common Painting Mistakes to Avoid

To make sure that the paint on your walls will be perfectly beautiful, the best thing for you to do is to hire professional painters to do the job. However, in this day and age when you can see countless people going for do-it-yourself projects, it is common to see some homeowners who insist on painting their walls themselves.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to paint your own walls to save some cash from paying painting contractors; as a matter of fact, painting your walls is a great way to make use of your valuable time.

Before you paint your walls, though, be careful and avoid the most common painting mistakes do-it-yourself wall painters commit:

Not scrubbing the walls before painting

It is very important to scrub your walls clean AND have them dried before proceeding to paint them. Dirt and grime stuck on your walls can significantly impact the appearance of your newly painted wall and will affect the evenness of the wall surface you are painting on.

Not picking the perfect time to paint

It’s best to have your walls painted – especially exterior walls – when the weather is hot. Painting during winter or on days with humid weather will slow down the drying time of your painted walls.

Not preparing properly

Preparation will save you from the headache of removing dripped paint on areas or items you don’t want them on. You should cover your floors, remove decorations and fixtures (if possible), and protect your furniture before painting. Better yet, if you can move these items to another area safely away from the paint, do it so you can paint with ease.

Not considering the traffic in the room is painted

It’s perfectly understandable that the first thing that invites us in when choosing the paint is its color. However, you should never take for granted important factors such as its texture or type. Don’t choose matte or flat paint for an area where there is high traffic. Matte paints are vulnerable to dust and dirt and are not that easy to clean when it becomes dirty.

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