Painting Mistakes

Common Painting Mistakes to Avoid

To make sure that the paint on your walls will be perfectly beautiful, the best thing for you to do is to hire professional painters to do the job. However, in this day and age when you can see countless people going for do-it-yourself projects, it is common to see some homeowners who insist on painting their walls themselves.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to paint your own walls to save some cash from paying painting contractors; as a matter of fact, painting your walls is a great way to make use of your valuable time.

Before you paint your walls, though, be careful and avoid the most common painting mistakes do-it-yourself wall painters commit:

Not scrubbing the walls before painting

It is very important to scrub your walls clean AND have them dried before proceeding to paint them. Dirt and grime stuck on your walls can significantly impact the appearance of your newly painted wall and will affect the evenness of the wall surface you are painting on.

Not picking the perfect time to paint

It’s best to have your walls painted – especially exterior walls – when the weather is hot. Painting during winter or on days with humid weather will slow down the drying time of your painted walls.

Not preparing properly

Preparation will save you from the headache of removing dripped paint on areas or items you don’t want them on. You should cover your floors, remove decorations and fixtures (if possible), and protect your furniture before painting. Better yet, if you can move these items to another area safely away from the paint, do it so you can paint with ease.

Not considering the traffic in the room is painted

It’s perfectly understandable that the first thing that invites us in when choosing the paint is its color. However, you should never take for granted important factors such as its texture or type. Don’t choose matte or flat paint for an area where there is high traffic. Matte paints are vulnerable to dust and dirt and are not that easy to clean when it becomes dirty.

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Paint Your Roof

Reasons to Paint Your Roof

Your roof is as important as any part of your home, hence, it needs equal attention and requires the same amount of care and maintenance.

Aside from the regular roof cleaning, time to time roof repairs and declogging of gutters, you also need to retouch the paint on your roof.

There are so many reasons to have your roof painted or re-painted over time, one of it is that it will help you maximize your roof’s lifespan. Metal roof, for an instance, usually has a life expectancy of up to 70 years. However, your roof may not last this long if it has no protection against rainwater and scorching heat from the sun. Applying protective paint on your roof can help extend its life; most modern roof paints can make your roof water resistant.

Additionally, painting your roof can help discourage the growth of mold and mildew. Just like water-resistant paints, specialized paints that can prevent the growth of fungus, mold, mildew, or algae can easily be purchased in various stores today.

Depending on the paint color you have chosen, you can reduce the energy costs in your home. Light colored paints can help reflect heat so it won’t be absorbed into the roof surface and conducted into your home – but this beneficial property can only be enjoyed if you maintain the good condition of your roof paint. Through the years, the damage the sun causes on your roof paint can deteriorate that’s why you have to repaint it every now and then.

One of the most obvious benefits of having your roof repainted is that doing so will naturally make your home even more appealing. Constant exposure to outside elements such as ultraviolet rays and heavy rain showers can make the colors of your roof fade. You need to have the paint retouched if you want to bring its color back to life.

Wall Paint

Wall Paint VS Wallpapers

In decorating your home, you have to be meticulous in picking every element – from the roof shingles to the flooring. Among the most important parts of your home, you should decide on is your walls.

Two of the leading choices when it comes to wall finishes are wallpapers and wall paints. What’s amazing about both is that you can change them as many times as you want – you can customize them according to your preference and even your mood.

Both types of wall finishes have amazing advantages:

Wall Paint

Affordability. The price of the paint and finishing you will choose will greatly depend on your own choice. There are paint colors available at an extremely cheap price; if you want an expensive brand of paint, that is entirely up to you.

Limitless Options. Paint colors are available in virtually any color you can imagine. While most stores offer pre-mixed paint colors on display, there are stores where you can request for a specific shade you want mixing for you.

Customizable Designs. Your wall can take whatever design you have in mind; you can have a specific design painted – you can even have a mural for a wall if you would prefer.

Fast completion. Painting a wall can be completed fast, especially if you have hired skilled workers to do the job.


Unique Textures. With paint, you are usually limited to two types of finishing – matte and glossy. With wallpapers, you can go for glittery, sparkly, velvety, and even one with beads.

Easy to Install. Many types of wallpapers can be installed by homeowners. There are even peel and stick types which you can easily handle on your own.

Easy to Maintain. The majority of modern wallpapers won’t be damaged if you scrub them during cleaning. This also means that wallpapers are perfect even for high traffic areas.

Painted Wall

How to Make Your Painted Wall Dry Faster

Now that your walls are fully painted, all you need to do is wait for the paint to dry.

Even though this might seem like a pretty easy thing to do, well – let’s face it – most of us can get a little impatient waiting for the paint to dry and finally getting our normal lives back. And, of course, we just couldn’t wait to put our best decorations back on the wall and see how they would look like on our newly painted walls.

The thing is, the paint on your walls can take a long time to dry, especially if you have your entire house painted.

You are in luck if you had your walls painted in summer because the paint dries faster when it is warm. During winter, on the other hand, you should prepare yourself for a longer time of waiting. But the good news is that there are a few things you can do at home to speed up the drying process.

  • Keep in mind that heat can be your best friend if you want your walls to dry a lot quicker. Turning up the heat inside your home can help the paint to dry.
  • Using your blow dryer on your wall can help significantly. In doing this, though, be careful if the particular spot you are meaning to dry is on an elevated location; if you don’t have a solid and dependable platform to step on, it’s better to leave things be or simply adjust the temperature of your heater.
  • Making sure that your home is properly ventilated will make your walls dry fast as well. Merely opening your windows to let outside air in would ensure that there will be good air circulation inside your house.
  • Since you want more wind to facilitate the drying process, you can also turn on your electric fans to quicken the drying of your walls.